Cammell Lairds (page 3)

The Band of the Royal Marines taking part in launching (probably of "Devonshire") at the yard in 1962 Launching a submarine (can anyone identify it?) in 1963 On a raft with a large compressor and pumps in the dock, 1961 Launching a submarine (can anyone identify it?), in 1963 Working on "Windsor Castle", 1959
Laying the keel of an as yet unidentified vessel, in 1959 "Esso Pembrokeshire" in the Dry Dock for repairs, 1962 Bending a large tube for "Triton" with hydraulic rams in 1963 Darts Matches between the different shops were taken seriously. 1963 Building the oil platform "Triton" from rolled steel tubes in 1963
Welding a flange onto large diameter pipe in 1948 The new Graving Dock in 1963 Hosing-down a ship's hold at Cammell Lairds, 1952 Cleaning out a ship's hold at Cammell Lairds, 1952 General view of Cammell Lairds from one of the new blocks of flats being built in Tranmere, 1961
An as yet unidentified "man of the cloth" at the launch of HMS "Devonshire" in 1962 Aerial view including much of the surrounding areas of Birkenhead in the 1950s A group of "Laird Bros." Rivetters, including some lads who don't appear more than 14 years old, 1901 Grayson Rollo shipyard, which was situated between Cammell Lairds and Woodside, 1947 The Graving Dock with HMS 'Tyrian', in 1957
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Arc welding large diameter pipework in 1960 Grayson Rollo shipyard as it was before Cammell Lairds was extended, 1948 Drop Forge workers in 1958