Victorian (page 4)

Girl showing off her new bike fitted with the new Dunlop "Multiflex" Pneumatic Tyres in the 1890s Painting the railings on Egremont Promenade, beside the Mersey, with the redbrick pile of the Mariners' Home in 1900 A Rural scene, probably at Raby on the Wirral in the 1890s. The negative was found with others definitely of Raby A crowd gathers to watch the photographer in China Street, Lancaster, in the 1880s, outside "Registered Lodging House No.30"
Hastings Parade in the 1890s, with pleasure boats pulled up on the shingle, and deck-chairs lining the Promenade An unusually intimate scene of bathtime by the fire in the 1890s. The weighing scales suggest this is baby's first bath by a health visitor Three well-dressed young ladies taking tea on the lawn after a game of tennis in the suburbs, 1890s A "Ploughman's Lunch" as it was originally intended, - in the field beside the horses in the 1880s
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Reading by the window in the 1890s - a photograph taken using only the natural light coming through the window A child (probably a boy despite the way he is dressed) in a surprisingly elaborate toy farm wagon in the 1880s A handsome wedding couple in the 1890s. A wonderfully detailed image of two (as yet) unidentified people in the 1890s