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Raby Mere on the Wirral, - then part of Cheshire. A tranquil, rural scene in the 1890s Visitors, with local children getting into the photograph, at Raby Mere in the 1880s A child - probably a boy! - on a Rocking-horse in the 1880s. A glass negative found on a dusty shelf in Hastings All that remained of Hastings Castle in the 1880s after being used as a stone quarry by local builders for centuries. Hastings Promenade and Pier in the 1890s, before road widening and other "improvements"
Hastings Pier in the 1880s. It was burned by vandals 120 years later, and is now being restored Hastings Old Town, High Street, with the High Pavement in the 1890s. No "elf'n'safety" worries about a guard rail then! Hastings East Hill and the old Lifeboat House in 1883, before the road was widened. The Funicular Railway was built in 1903 Hastings town centre with the Albert Memorial in the 1880s. The memorial was the focal point of the town for 100 years. Hastings with both Piers and the Old Town seen from the East Hill, with many net huts and streets now gone. 1890s
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Hastings, Wellington Square and the surrounding streets in the 1890s Hastings, with excursion boats pulled up on the beach in the 1880s. This is the area later known as "Bottle Alley" Hastings Old Town with Saint Clements Church in the 1890s. This area is often used in the "Foyle's War" TV series. A group of boys from an (as yet) unidentified school in the 1890s. The clothes vary widely from "smart" to "hand-me-downs"!