1900 to 1919 (page 5)

Hastings Pier in the early 1900s without all the buildings which gave it its distinctive appearance until it burned in 2010 New Chester Road, Rock Ferry on the Wirral. The No.12 tram is passing Morecroft Road on its way to Birkenhead's Woodside Ferry Manchester, Peter Street in the very early 1900s. The motor car hasn't made much impression yet, - the cabs in the rank are still horse-drawn Hastings beach opposite Carlisle Parade, possibly earlier that the 1900s. The bathing machines are still in use, and the slipway for pleasure boats
Hastings Promenade in the very early 1900s with the Grand Hotel standing opposite the Pier. The hotel buildings survived until the late 1980s Rock Lane West in Rock Ferry on the Wirral. The church spire is still there, but the "College Football & Cricket Ground" is long gone Mending nets by the distinctive black net-drying huts on the beach in Hastings Old Town. Overshadowed now by a ghastly "art" gallery! Rock Ferry Approach on the Wirral. The Liverpool Daily Post & Echo branch office on the corner to the left looks out of place in this sleepy scene

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"Mauretania" being maneuvered into position at Liverpool in 1910 Nos.27-33 The Bourne, Hastings, with "HCIS" (Hastings Cottage Improvement Society) over the door, in the early 1900s Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, in the early 1900s with the recently erected Victoria Monument at its centre