1900 to 1919 (page 4)

Hastings Castle in the early 1900s. This is all that was left after the castle was used as a stone quarry for 800 years The Lovers' Seat at Fairlight, near Hastings, has been moved and rebuilt a few times since then due to falling cliffs Hastings seen from the East Hill, before the "new, improved" London Road was bulldozed through it in the 1960s Hastings Castle & Pelham Crescent, with the portico of St. Mary-in-the-Castle in the centre
Hastings, East Parade in the early 1900s. According to the sign, Wills "Gold Flake" cigarettes were "10 for 3d" (less than 2p!) Hastings, with the Albert Memorial in pride of place at the intersection of its main streets. It was demolished in indecent haste after a small fire in the 1960s Hastings, Queens Hotel before the Promenade was widened. Later on, of course, it was narrowed again with chicanes to "calm the traffic" Hastings, White Rock Parade in 1900. Tthe arched entrance to White & Norton Drapers, and the Palace Hotel with its 10 floors, still dominate the area today

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All Saints Street is often used in episodes of "Foyle's War", since it still looks much as it did in this early 1900s photo Worthing, the West Parade, with families taking an evening stroll. The band is giving it all they have on the ornate Bandstand The Albert Memorial in Hastings again. What an asset it would be to the town, if only some little Council numpty hadn't condemned it!