At work - Industry (page 4)

A Vertical milling/routing machine making curved timber sections for furniture production in 1959. Arc-welding large diameter steel pipework at Cammell Lairds in 1961 Laying panels for a new flat roof system at Cadbury's on the Wirral in 1960 English Electric. The assembly lines for Distribution Boards and Fuse Fitting, in 1948 Loading a crate of glass blocks at Pilkingtons factory in Saint Helens. Straw was the best packing material in 1957
A large drop forge operated by skilled craftsmen at Cammell Lairds in 1958. No room for mistakes! These cotton workers in Liverpool are processing bales of cotton shipped from Rhodesia in 1948 New Brighton Pier, where Ferries brought crowds of Liverpool day-trippers, needed some repairs in 1921 Christmas decorations on an assembly line at English Electric's Liverpool factory in 1948 Making meat pies in a work's canteen kitchen in 1948. Those pies made in enamel dishes look really tasty!
Lagging (insulating) steam pipes using the most widely used material at the time: Asbestos! 1959 Packing large Stoneware jars (maybe containing pickles?) at a food factory near Liverpool in 1960 Assembling large fuses at the English Electric factory, Liverpool, in 1948. Soldering the cases shut with a gas-fired iron A large Drawing-office in 1948, when it was all done by hand. An electric pencil sharpener was "state of the art"! Apprentices learning the technique of pipe bending in a metalwork class, 1958
Erecting the new Tate & Lyle sugar conveyor across the Dock Road to their storage silo, in Liverpool, 1957 Knocking-off time at Pilkington's glass factory in Saint Helens, 1947. - Lots of smiling faces on these first out of the door! The second wave leaves Pilkington's glass factory in Saint Helens, 1947. - serious expressions on bikes, motor-bikes and even one car! Assembling Bakelite doorknobs in 1948, - one of the last applications of this early thermo-setting plastic before the later plastics took over Testing High-tension insulators at Pilkington's glass factory, Saint Helens, in 1962. It would make a good James Bond set!
Coca-Cola vending machines make their first appearance at Liverpool in 1957. The coin slot is being adapted to accept 6d coins Reaming-out the tubes in a large Marine Boiler as part of its maintenance or repair, at Cammell Lairds in 1957 Casting a large bronze propeller at Stone Manganese on the Dock Road, Birkenhead, in 1962 The newly-opened canteen at Clarence Dock in Liverpool. Looking very "Festival of Britain" in 1954! Melting-down scrap lead at the long-established leadworks in Chester, 1948. Not the healthiest of occupations!
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Final check of finished electrical parts at a factory in Liverpool. The girl in front is writing a docket,- someone's in trouble! Pilkington's Glass were producing some of the first "float" plate glass in 1947, replacing the expensive older methods "Jacquard" loom at Lee's Tapestry Works, Birkenhead, 1948. The punched-card system was used on the first programmable computers Laying drains the original way, with a few strong men with shovels, in 1948. A mini-digger could probably do it in a tenth of the time now