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Going to the wash-house, a weekly routine before home washing machines became common. 1952 The Wash-house in Clare Street, Liverpool, was a Council-run facility that did not survive later cuts. Outside the wash-house was a good place to meet up and have a chat before the hard work started. 1952 A Women's ward at Walton Hospital in 1959 looks remarkably uncluttered to modern eyes An Ambulance crew using a cart that looks very like a pram chassis, 1961
Scrubbing by hand at the sinks in Clare Street wash-house, 1952 Spin-drying and folding the damp clothes ready to take them home for drying on the line A Gypsy camp somewhere on the Wirral in the 1930s Walton Hospital, the Nurses' Dining Room, 1959 Children in hospital were still expected to keep up with their schoolwork, 1957
Incubators for premature babies in the Maternity ward, Walton Hospital, 1958 An English Electric oven with revolutionary new glass door, - no more collapsed sponges! 1957 An English Electric refrigerator, just a dream to most people in 1957 A Dental surgery in 1948, with the infamous low-speed drill that everyone of a certain age remembers! A Dental examination in 1956, when most children's teeth were still pretty good due to sweet rationing
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A typical sink area before pre-built fitted kitchen units became the norm, 1952 The Children's Ward of St. Helens Hospital in 1955. That boy will now be in his 70s Infant Intensive Care unit with incubator cots at Walton Hospital, 1958 X-ray equipment in use at Walton Hospital, Liverpool, in 1958