At work - Home & Health (page 2)

Using the spin-drier in the Clare Street wash-house, Liverpool, 1955 A Welfare Foods stall in T.J.Hughes, Liverpool, in 1955. Dried egg was great for making cakes and omelettes! Bathtime in a tin bath beside the fire. An unusual natural-light photograph taken in the 1890s A visit to the factory Sick-bay in 1960 Young patients getting sun on their bodies as part of the "Cure" at Arrowe Park TB Sanatorium in the 1890s
Scrubbing washing at the sink in the Clare Street Wash-house, 1952 The TB Clinic at Arrowe Park Sanatorium in the 1890s Weighing children at the TB Clinic, Arrowe Park Sanatorium, in the 1890s Blood donors at a factory in 1959 A Women's Ward at Aintree & Fazakerley Hospital in 1952
An old gent's proud VE Day display on his allotment in 1945 Aintree & Fazakerley Hospital in 1952 Occupational Therapy at Aintree & Fazakerley Hospital in 1952 Nurses watching TV at Aintree & Fazakerley Hospital in 1952 This "ultra modern" fitted kitchen was just a dream for most people in 1962
English Electric washing machine, complete with electric powered mangle! in 1957 A working Longboat family on a canal near Liverpool in the 1930s These boys are lined-up waiting for the dreaded School Dental Examination! in 1956 An inoculation in 1959. - that infamous "biscuit mark" will stay with him for life as a reminder A well-equipped Sick-bay at a factory, probably English Electric, in 1956
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