At work - Commerce (page 4)

Handing a winning coupon to the line supervisor at Vernons Pools in Liverpool, 1958. The lucky Checker got a small bonus as well Telephone Switchboard at Royal Insurance, Liverpool, in 1950. Operators knew all the gossip that went on at the firm! Bob Sergent's scooter and showroom in Liverpool, 1958. "Bob's Vespa Service Week" is in full swing, with wall-to-wall Vespas Robertson Buckley travel agents' office in Liverpool, 1954. The single telephone is the only concession to the modern age! Robertson Buckley travel agents' front office in Liverpool, 1954. The BOAC and BEA leaflets on the desk look inviting. No low-cost airlines yet!
A New Zealand Butter in-store promotion, in 1959. The UK was their main trading partner until joining the "Common Market" - clever move! An indoor motor auction somewhere in the North West in 1962. All those faces are recognisable, - can anyone see their Dad or Granddad? A Lyons Maid Ice Cream cabinet in a sweet shop in 1960. A "Mivvi" for 6d, or a big block of "Tutti-Frutti" for 2/- a whole week's pocket money! The interior of Liverpool's Cotton Exchange under repair in the 1920s. A photo taken secretly while the Exchange was operating, - very naughty Ted's Snack Bar at 155 Kensington, Liverpool, in 1948. "Aindow's Icecream & Strawberries", Choc Ices for 3d or 6d, and Lolly Ices 2d
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The Dressmaking Pattern Section of Hendersons Department Store in Church Street, Liverpool, 1954. The interior of Ted's Snack Bar, 155 Kensington, Liverpool, in 1948. "I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ted's Icecream!" A Burgess Teleprinter in 1958. The forerunners of the fax machine were operated by dragons who needed coaxing to send urgent messages!