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A 'Formica' demonstration stand in Lewis's of Liverpool in 1959 'Danish Design' exhibition at George Henry Lees in Liverpool, 1963 Offices in the new Squibbs factory crying out for a few partitions, Moreton, in 1960 Is this a Telex machine or a Teleprinter? - it looks a bit too clumsy for 1960 A crowd around the New Zealand dairy produce stand in Lewis's, Liverpool, in 1959
Demonstrating 'foundation garments' at George Henry Lee's, Liverpool, in 1958 Sorting Tea Chests from different countries in a Liverpool Tea Warehouse, 1962 An in-store New Zealand Butter promotion at a Liverpool department store in 1959 A Graphotype 6400 photo-typesetting machine in 1958. This spelled the end for Linotype hot-metal typesetting An in-store Promotion of the new "Nimble" starch reduced slimming bread. - Only 7d (3p) for a loaf in 1956!
The Barber's Shop in a Nissan hut at Burtonwood United States Air Force Base, in 1955 a PBX telephone switchboard in 1962. Any firm with more than a few departments would have had one of these. "Lewis's" of Liverpool's new Food Hall which had just been remodelled in 1959 Packing electric food mixers at English Electric 1948. Part of their post-war drive to gain new markets. Sorting damaged tins of tomatoes for any usable ones. Part of a ship's badly stowed cargo at Toxteth Docks, 1959
A happy shopper in "Lewis's" China Department in their Liverpool store, 1959 A typically busy Liverpool "Gents" Barbers in 1956. "And something for the weekend, Sir?" The same Liverpool Barbers in 1956. They wouldn't be called "Hairdressers" for another few decades. Comptometer operators at Lever Brothers in Port Sunlight, 1948. Before electronic calculators, these manual machines were in every office. A classroom at Anfield Commercial College in 1961. No electric typewriters, and Tippex still hadn't been invented!
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Identifying a winning coupon at Vernons Pools in 1958. The checker finding it would receive a bonus. The interior of Marple Jones & Co., a grocers, in Victoria Street, Liverpool, 1952 The interior of Marple Jones & Co., a grocers, in Victoria Street, Liverpool, 1952