At work - Commerce (page 2)

Music and Records Department in a large store. Cliff's Bachelor Boy was No.1! in 1964 Sweet Counter in a large Department Store on the 10th of January 1964 Toy Department in a Liverpool Department Store in 1964. Those Dinky Toys are worth a small fortune now. A Hairdressing Salon in 1962. It was still a largely male occupation then, with a lone female stylist. A Hairdressing Salon in 1964. Still an all-male line-up of stylists pushing those Leon Dala products!
Sumlocks and Comptometers in the Accounts Department of a large firm in 1948 A Telex Operator in 1956. You kept in her good books or your Telex went to the bottom of the pile! Testing imported Chinese Albumen on Liverpool Docks in 1955 Unloading frozen Australian Ox Beef at Liverpool Docks in 1958 A "Kake Brand" stall at Reece's Department Store, Liverpool, in 1957
The Cotton Exchange, Liverpool, taken without permission by a member in 1928 A busy office with a complete lack of the electrical equipment which we now expect, in 1948 Cubbons Everton shop, with a celebration cake for the match against Milan in September 1963 The Toffee Maid Coronation float "The Nicest Toffee Maid", in 1953 Vernons Pools, opening the coupons ready to go to the checkers, in 1947
Cotton Exchange, Liverpool, another clandestine photograph taken in 1928 A Hairdressing Salon in 1960, before the "Swinging Sixties" really got under way Loading international sacks onto a GPO van in 1959 A New Zealand Butter promotion in a Liverpool department store in 1958 A Melias corner shop somewhere in Liverpool (please let us know) 1956
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Wool Testing Services Ltd. testing a bale in a Liverpool warehouse, 1962 Birkenhead telephonist at "Octopus Ltd." (no, we don't know either), October 10th 1963 Loading lamp-shades onto an Army truck in Buchanan Road, Liverpool in 1947