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A row of shops near the Halfway House on Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead, on the way from Arrowe Park Mollington Mill Chester seen here with a sail gone, the rest soon to follow. Mill Lane now reminds us where it was. Removing the loose snow and preparing the ice for skating on Raby Mere during a hard freeze in the late 1930s Eastham Village looking much as it does now 80 years later, though the car would turn a few heads today! A field trip in the late 1930s - Enough said about this little encounter with nature in the raw!
This late 1930s view across Thurstaston towards North Wales is almost unchanged today apart from a few more houses in the distance Rake Lane, Wallasey, in the early 1930s, with a Tram marked "RL" (Rake Lane?) passing Storey & Sons, the butchers "Syrinx" biplane G-ACJK taking-on passengers for a scheduled Imperial Airways flight at Croydon Aerodrome in 1934 A Biplane being prepared for take-off at Kenley Aerodrome in 1934 Rocklands Avenue, Bebington, in the late 1930s , with the original gas lamps and just one lone motor vehicle !
Mayer Library, Bebington Village, at 12.10 on a sunny day in the 1930s. A group of mums with prams are coming back home from the shops Open ground on Claremount Road in Wallasey, with the tower of St Hilary's Church in the distance. Wallasey Village as it was before road widening in the 1930s. John Peters from Birkenhead was a scrap dealer by the look of his cart A traditional Punch & Judy Show on New Brighton beach in the early 1930s. Professor R. Codman Junior is using a real dog as Toby The "Black Horse Hotel" in Wallasey Village didn't survive road widening. They are offering "Yates Pale Bitter Ale" - just a quick half then!
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"Syrinx" biplane G-ACJK taking-on luggage for a scheduled Imperial Airways flight at Croydon Aerodrome in 1934 The "Mecco Boys" seen here in the late 1930 seem to be a firm's concert group. Meccano? - Can anyone identify them? Bromborough Cross in the early 1930s when the monument still had a cross. Hallam's shop sells Radios and cigarettes An owner shows-off his Douglas Motorbike. Sturdy tweeds should keep him safe, though the cycle clips spoil the look a bit!