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1930s (Page 3)

Liverpool Pierhead with the Tram terminus serving the Mersey and Irish Ferries and Riverside Station on the right. Queensferry during the evening rush hour, probably in 1935. Nothing changes, apparently! Coombe Martin on the North Devon coast was a popular cycling destination during the 1930s Birkenhead Library at its present site on Borough Road, shortly after being opened by King George V in 1934
Wood Lane, Greasby during the 1930s probably - unless anybody can identify it differently? A row of shops in Pensby during the late 1930s with R.H.Sprigings chemists on the end. Negotiating a steep hill during a cycling tour of North Wales in the late 1930s Northop Village in North Wales during the late 1930s, with Saint Eurgain and Saint Peter's church

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Willaston Mill, one of many on the Wirral. Derelict and without its sails in the mid 1930s Many farms were still using horse power in Thornton Hough on the Wirral during the 1930s Hawarden in North Wales in the late 1930s The Fox & Grapes offers "Billiards and Garage"